Paediatric Tips

Dental for Children

Dental visits are important to start from an early age. Oral care for children should begin as soon as their first tooth begins to erupt.  Timing your baby’s first dental visit is important, we recommend coming in when your baby has all their deciduous (baby) teeth usually around 24-30 months of age. The oral therapist / dentist will check the overall oral health and development of a child, not just teeth. A thorough exam will be done to evaluate the health of your child’s mouth, teeth, gums, growth and development. 

Preparing For the First Dental Visit

Parents play an important role in shaping how your child views his or her future dental experiences. Dental visits should be a positive and enjoyable experience. Try to use positive language and gently set the tone as a fun experience, without making too much of a fuss either. It is just an ordinary outing just like going to the hairdresser or a restaurant. For example, try saying encouraging statements like ‘going for a ride in the dentist chair’, ‘play the tooth-counting game’, or ‘watch what the dentist does so you can play dentist at home’. If you start your child coming to the dentist from an early age, they will be well adjusted for his or her future development. 

At the Dentist Appointment

Coming to a new environment can make your little one shy or nervous. If your little one is crying or refuses to open their mouth, this is normal. Try not to be too discouraged. Our professional team is trained to make your child as comfortable as possible, but we won’t push them to a point that they are upset. We will do as much as your little one will allow us to. Perhaps sitting on mum or dad’s lap may help for the initial visit. Normally we attempt to count teeth, brush teeth and provide nutritional and preventive advice at each visit.   The main goal is to create a preventative mind set and to encourage good habits by teaching both the child and parent the correct techniques of oral hygiene.

At Cairns Precision Dental Group we have a highly skilled team who are especially trained to offer caring treatment to children.  They perform routine dentistry (eg fillings and extractions of baby teeth) where needed and refer appropriate specialists as required.

Here Are Some Helpful Tips
Do bring your child in from an early age (time of the baby’s first tooth or 12 months of age, whichever comes first)Don’t bring your child in when they are in pain. This will only set your child up for failure
Do use positive terminology to paint dental visits as fun and excitingDon’t tell your child to be brave (the word brave means there is something to be scared about)
Do read books and watch shows about going to the dental office before their first visitDon’t use the dentist as a threat or punishment
Do try to focus on promoting oral health and nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyleDon’t be anxious or show your own fear. Children learn from others
Do use non-threatening and exciting words like water gun, wiggle teeth, etc.Don’t use negative words like needle, drill, pull teeth, etc.

After all, no one is born afraid of the dentist. This is a learned fear that can be avoided if we play our cards right. Just remember, this is a milestone in your child’s life. Make sure you take some photos to look back on in the years to come.

For all your child’s dental need and enquiries please phone our reception staff on (07) 40542203.  We are here to help your children keep their ‘Teeth for Life’.