Broken Teeth

A tooth can break for a number of reasons, whether it has been fractured by eating something hard, a decay-induced break or trauma related such as a blow to the face.

A lot of the time, a patient may not experience any pain if a tooth has broken, however the protective enamel of the tooth which has fractured away now exposes the vulnerable tooth structure which is susceptible to bacterial infection, which can ultimately lead to pain, root canal therapy and potentially loss of the tooth all together.

Generally, if a tooth has sustained a chip or break, the dentist will assess the damage, advise of an appropriate course of action and repair the tooth on the day of the appointment.

Sometimes a tooth will require more of a long term restorative option, such as a structurally supporting porcelain inlay, or crown, where another appointment may be required. 

There is usually always a choice as to what treatment option is best for each individual, and this can be discussed at the time of the appointment.

Same Day Restoration

If you have been concerned that cracked, crooked, unsightly teeth or a gap is hiding the real you then this system could be for you.  You could be walking out of the surgery today wearing new veneers or crowns; giving you every confidence to display your brand-new winning smile. Cairns Precision Dental Group is proud to have introduced the very first E4D CAD-CAM system into the Cairns area.  The E4D Dentist CAD CAM system empowers your dentist to scan, design, and mill beautiful restorations right in the surgery – especially designed for you.

The system consists of two separate functions – scanning and milling.

The scanning wand is a laser which records multiple images of the tooth on which a crown, veneer, inlay or on lay is to be placed. Images of the tooth can be taken directly from the mouth or by impressions taken during your visit.

After scanning the system then converts the image to create a 3-D virtual model ensuring the proposed restoration is compatible with neighbouring teeth then the design process can begin. The size, colour, shape and fit are all taken into account so the final product will compliment your smile.

Once the tooth image has been recorded correctly and your dentist is happy with the design, the tooth crown, veneer, inlay or on lay the computer image is sent to the milling area where it is manufactured from a pressed porcelain block. The new generation porcelain restorations have brilliant strength and aesthetics, and your dentist has complete control of the final product providing the quality of service our patients deserve. The preparation process of your tooth is a morning appointment that is 1 hour long, we then send you off for a further 2 hours while your crown is made and then return for a further 30 minutes to seat your crown.

There are some other considerations that your dentist will discuss with you about before going ahead. The E4D system is a great addition to our already great practice. A beautiful smile has never been this easy.

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