Dentures are a removable appliance that you wear to replace missing teeth. Improving aesthetics, assisting better eating/chewing and can even support your lips and cheeks.

There are multiple types of dentures depending on how many teeth you need to replace.

The base of the denture is designed and handmade especially for your mouth, this can be made from either an acrylic or metal base to which we add acrylic teeth. The denture teeth come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes. At Cairns Precision Dental all our Dentures are handmade onsite by our experienced and talented Dental Technician.

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Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are full mouth removable appliance, that replaces all the teeth in your upper or lower jaw. When all teeth have been removed what is left is the bony ridge of the jaw and the surrounding soft tissues. Full dentures rely on suction as the main source of retention. As the bony ridge naturally recedes overtime and suction is no longer able to hold the denture in place. Dental Implants can be an option to help retain the denture securely in the mouth. The process from start to finish requires precise planning to design and create dentures that will ensure maximum comfort, functionality and of course providing you with a natural and athletically pleasing smile that you have always wanted.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a fantastic alternative when you need to replace a few missing teeth. Partial dentures lock into place with special clasps that wrap around your existing teeth, this enables the denture to have a secure hold in the mouth. Once again, precise planning is required to design and create the denture to ensure maximum aesthetics, comfort and functionality, while maintaining the natural layout of the exiting teeth. Our team of friendly and compassionate dentists working with our talented Dental Technician always include a ‘try-in’ appointment so we can make sure the teeth colour, shape and size to match your existing smile.

Immediate Dentures

Sometimes you may need to have some teeth extracted to add and exiting partial denture or for a new Full denture. To avoid the awkward period where there are visible gaps in your smile during the healing phase and transition phase after extractions. We can offer our patients with the option of an immediate denture, which are fitted on the same day that you have the teeth extracted. Sometimes an immediate denture acts as a mask to help you maintain a natural and functional smile while your mouth heals. Once everything has healed and stabilised, we can work together on making your permanent denture.

Maintenance of Dentures

After your denture is made, there are still some requirements for ongoing checks and maintenance. Naturally your body keeps changing as you age; therefore, it is necessary to adapt the denture to these changes. Your bone levels and gums often shrink due to ageing, loss of teeth and deteriorating health conditions. Ongoing checks are required to prevent ill-fitting dentures that can cause you discomfort, difficulties eating and speaking. Depending on the extent of changes and/or adaptations required, a denture reline may be required to fill in the gaps between your existing denture and current oral condition.

Despite making your denture with premium quality materials, your denture can still be prone to damages and breakages if not maintained properly.

Cairns Precision Dental Group is prepared to quickly minimise time without your dentures and repair your denture as soon as possible. Cairns Precision Dental Group recommends 6-monthly checks to find any issues earlier and ensure your dentures are snug and comfortable against your gums, lips, tongue and remaining teeth to minimise breakages. It is also important to attend regularly because your dentist performs a cancer screening at every check-up visit.

In the event your denture has been damage or broken, here at Cairns Precision Dental we can off you the convenience of same day repairs.


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