If you’re grappling with tooth loss, the world of dental prosthetics can seem like a maze. To help you consider your options, we’ve put together this informative guide on one of our most popular dental solutions– partial dentures. In this article, we’ll explore what partial dentures are, how they work and their many benefits.

What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are great solution when you need to replace one or multiple missing teeth. Partial dentures are custom-made, removable dental plates that include one or more false teeth. They can be constructed from a range of material, but generally they are made of plastic or a mixture of both metal and plastic.

Partial dentures lock into place with special clasps that wrap around your existing teeth, enabling the denture to have a secure hold in the mouth. Designed to blend in with your existing teeth, they act as a bridge between healthy teeth and fill the gap created by tooth loss. They are an effective solution for restoring the functionality and aesthetics of your smile.

The Benefits of Opting for Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are more than just a cosmetic solution, they also help to restore functionality, comfort and confidence. Here are some of the benefits provided by partial dentures:

  • Restore Facial Structure: Tooth loss often leads to a sunken facial appearance due to loss of bone structure. Partial dentures help retain the natural shape of your face and smile.
  • Improve Speech and Eating: Missing teeth can affect your speech and ability to chew. Partial dentures alleviate these problems, making eating and speaking easier and improving overall bite comfort.
  • Prevent Shifting: When there’s a gap in your teeth, the remaining teeth tend to shift towards it, which can lead to misalignment issues overtime. By filling the gap, partial dentures can prevent any unwanted tooth movement.
  • Low Maintenance: Partial dentures are easy to clean and maintain, fitting seamlessly into your oral hygiene routine.

How To Maintain Partial Dentures?

To keep your partial dentures in tip-top condition you should clean them at least twice a day, at the same time as your natural teeth. For best results, you should clean your dentures after every meal. Brush your natural teeth with your regular toothpaste and toothbrush, but on the artificial teeth use a denture brush with soft bristles and a specialised denture cleaning solution.

Never wear your dentures to sleep. Dentures need time off from the daily grind and likewise, your mouth needs a break from the dentures. Take your dentures off before bed and soak them in cold water or a prescribed denture cleaning solution. This nightly soak will prevent your dentures from warping and help them retain their shape.

Schedule Regular Dentist Appointments

Even with proper cleaning and maintenance, you need to have your partial dentures regularly checked by your dentist. As part of the natural ageing process, your body undergoes various changes and it’s crucial to adjust your dentures accordingly. Aging, tooth loss and other health conditions can lead to bone level and gum shrinkage, which can result in ill-fitting dentures, discomfort and troubles eating or speaking.

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