Dental Bridges: What are They, and Who Needs Them?

How do you fill a gap between two teeth? By building a bridge, of course. Read on to learn all about bridges: what they do, why we need them and what they are!

What do bridges do? Why do we need them?

Bridges are one of several ways that you can bridge the gap (pun intended) where a tooth – or teeth – is missing or has been extracted. The most obvious reason why you would want to get a bridge is so that you can fill in the gap in your smile – but there are other legitimate reasons why getting a bridge is a good idea.

Another reason is to stop the adjacent teeth from leaning into the open space. Teeth can often be a bit greedy like that and will start to move into any pocket of extra space that they can find.

Getting a bridge will also help you restore your ability to chew and help distribute the force of your bite more evenly.

What is a dental bridge?

A bridge is a “false” tooth – called a pontic – supported by crowns on either side – the abutment teeth. They’re usually made of ceramics, metal or a mix. Yes, those are dental crowns, which we’ve written about before.

For those who aren’t aware: it means that the two healthy teeth are filed down so the crowns can be fastened on top of them, and the fake tooth is suspended between them

There are a couple different types of bridges that we can choose from:

  • Traditional dental bridges

As mentioned above, these have a pontic tooth suspended between two crowns.

  • Cantilever bridges

Cantilever bridges are the same basic concept as traditional bridges, but are only supported by an abutment on one side.

  • Maryland bridges

Instead of being supported by crowns, Maryland bridges support the pontic through ceramic or metallic “wings” on the back of the tooth, sometimes only on one side. Since it doesn’t require crowns, this is considered a more conservative approach. But it is also only as strong as the resin used to fasten the supporting framework.

There’s also implant-supported bridges and dentures, which we won’t get into today.

Who does dental bridges near me?

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