How Often Should I Come in for Check-ups?

Are you seeing the dentist often enough? Most people probably get a check-up once a year, if that. At Cairns Precision Dental Group, we recommend that our patients see us twice a year.


Because getting regular check-up from your dentist is the only way to allow us to prevent or repair small issues before they cause you bigger problems further down the line.

We understand that this may seem overwhelming and expensive, but a check-up with one of our highly skilled dentists is much less expensive than an extensive procedure if you do get a problem.

Total preventative care involves education about simple and effective preventative treatments, and we tailor preventative treatments to our individual patients because everyone’s teeth are different. Tailoring can be changed as our patients’ circumstances change over time.

Ask us about our payment plans so that you can smile now – and pay later!

Here’s what we provide at our six-monthly check-ups:

  • Fluoride application, oral hygiene instruction and dietary advice to help maintain a healthy mouth!
  • Annual x-rays, taken to check in between teeth and around existing restorations, where it can be difficult to diagnose visually.
  • X-rays, taken to check any pre-existing treatment to the nerves of the teeth, and possibly to gain a better understanding of the facial structures.
  • An explanation of dental treatment and options available, with an approximate longevity indication, so patients can make an informed decision.

We also provide a range of other services, including teeth whitening!

If reading this blog made you feel guilty, it might be time for a check-up. Click here to book your appointment online today!

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