Are X-Rays Safe?

Are X-Rays Safe?

Yes, they are!

Some are anxious about x-rays because they are worried about the amount of radiation they will receive, but they are harmless is small doses.

X-rays are indeed a type of electromagnetic radiation, just like radio waves, microwaves and visible light are. X-rays cannot be seen or felt and works by passing through your body and into a detector on the other side.

The waves can easily pass through the soft parts of your body, like muscles and organs.  It is harder for the rays to pass through dense parts like your skeleton and teeth, which is why they show up as white in an x-ray image. X-rays are used by our dentists to discover tooth decay that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

An x-ray of your teeth is equivalent to a couple of days worth of the background radiation you receive every day or just two hours on an airplane. In other words, it is very safe and nothing our patients should be worried about.

It is a little different for our dentists and assistants, which is why they might leave the room to take the x-ray. Since they often attend to dozens of patients a day, every day of the week, they need to minimise their exposure.

You should also always notify your dentist if you are pregnant or think you might be. While still safe in small doses, babies are much more sensitive to x-rays than you and I, and most dentists recommend that pregnant people avoid x-rays entirely in their first trimester.

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